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Quick update!

I have some great news to share! Two weeks ago I made my first public appearance on the amazing Azmara Asefa’s Activated Podcast, in which she interviews seasoned activists. Azmara interviewed me and my friend Maria because we started a Facebook page that fights rape culture and now has over 64,000 followers! We discuss anti-rape activism and how to get involved in the age of #MeToo, and our exciting plans for the page. We know these past few weeks have been exhausting and awful but we hope that our podcast will offer a way forward! We would LOVE to hear your feedback, especially since we are starting our own podcast in the fall!

You can listen on iTunes, Spotify, or here:


p.s. I know a post explaining where I’ve been for the last um..couple of  years…is looong overdue, and I do plan on writing it. So stay tuned! I know ya’ll can barely contain your excitement 😉


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